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Best Coffee Bean Roasting in Madawaska

We are the Brown Bag Brew coffee bean roastery and we are proud to say we roast beans for a variety of businesses and individuals in the Madawaska area. We use some of the best roasting equipment available, and our expert roaster has the passion, skills and experience to judge the processing of each batch to a perfect, split-second finish. Green coffee is transformed into aromatic brown beans and that incredible aroma is released. We’re proud of the fantastic flavours that our coffee bean roasting produces - drop us a line on 2074369222 if you'd like to learn more

Helping you find the perfect coffee

We love coffee. So we know how terrible it is to run out of the good stuff. Our extended opening hours and dedicated, talented team can help you not only find the perfect blend for you but ensure you never run out! So, whether it’s Arabica, Robusta, Jamaican Blue Mountain or Kona – we’re here to help you on your coffee journey. Don’t know where to start? Call our friendly team, we could talk about coffee all day long!


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